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[LBD Video #77] The Top 3 Challenges Every Empath Must Overcome

July 4, 2021  |  By Karyn Kulenovic

In my many years of working with highly sensitive empaths, I've noticed
there are 3 main challenges they often encounter on their way to
the joy, love and prosperity they signed up for in this life.


I, too, spent years struggling before mastering what
used to feel like patterns I was doomed to repeat forever.


So chances are, if you're an empath,

you've also dealt with one or more of these challenges.


Watch Life By Design Video #77 for the Top 3 Challenges Every Empath Must Overcome in order to live life by design (not by default).

Remember, it is up to you to DECIDE you're ready for

the good stuff you came here for, and start cultivating it from within.


There are many of us that have traveled similar paths and are here

to help make sure you never have to restart your journey again.


Your sensitive nature is one of your greatest strengths and gifts

to the world. It may not feel that way now, and I want you to know

that life beyond people-pleasing, poor boundaries, and perfectionism

is a beautiful place to be--and so much more fun, too!





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