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[LBD Video #79] The Wealthy Lightworker

September 12, 2021  |  By Karyn Kulenovic

"The Wealthy Lightworker"


It's a striking phrase, isn't it?


When the concept of the wealthy lightworker came to me months ago,
I felt inspired to bring it to life because to many people who are doing AMAZING work,
"The Wealthy Lightworker" sounds like a paradox,

a dream way out of their reach...

Why is that?


One reason is that Lightworkers are associated with labels like

"humble, selfless, generous."


It's like being financially abundant is a sin, violates some spiritual rule, or means they're not really interested in helping others. This is just one of MANY backward beliefs that keep lightworkers broke and stressed out.


It's like settling for the bare minimum somehow makes them a better person... all the while their thoughts and energy perpetuate the energy of scarcity:

     "Am I asking for too much?"

     "Do I need to apply for another job?"

     "Am I good enough?"

     "Maybe I'm just not meant to have more."


If you're a lightworker, you're ALREADY doing amazing things.

But if you aren't enjoying the financial abundance you desire,

there's something misaligned on the INSIDE and there's no amount of:

  • service
  • good will
  • hard work
  • generosity
  • certifications
  • experience
  • talent
  • intuitive ability


that can actually change your situation when your deeper belief (aka your unconscious mind) says, "It's not OK for me to have MORE."


This is NOT something you say aloud, or even say silently in your head. It's a DEEPER core belief that originated far before you had the awareness and maturity to know this belief had no real basis in TRUTH. Now, years later, that unsupportive belief is putting a cap on your income!


Perhaps you THINK there's no way to make a stable income doing what you love,

or that helping others and making good money don't mix.


I used to think that way too!


Watch Life By Design Video #79 to hear more about what it means to be a Wealthy Lightworker.

When you expand your belief around what's possible (and have the courage to go where you've never gone before), you create new, exciting possibilities for yourself and all that you touch.


Once you embody this, you start a light-filled ripple effect that never ends.

P.S. After six years of running my own successful healing and coaching business, and seeing so many entrepreneurs struggle with money, I realized the big disconnect is in HOW you use your mind and energy in a way that doesn't just pay the bills and provide value for others, but also allows you to design a lifestyle that supports your unique energetic needs and desires.


I've decided to teach my exact process for Money Alignment so more big-hearted people like yourself can let go of the money baggage and multiply your income in the next 90 days.


This is going to be a small, intimate group that I'll be launching in a few weeks. Probably limited to just 20 students.
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