The Breakthrough Intensive

Takes Care of TWO Major Problems:

1. The EXACT "Do-With" process of letting go of mental and emotional baggage in the form of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and conflicting patterns. This vital first step will help you approach your life with fresh eyes and energy, so you can design your life from an empowered place.


2. AND the "How to" of determining a specific tangible goal that is congruent with your new perspective, so you can revolutionize your actions and energy to create the results you desire. Anyone can complete this in-depth process and start enjoying the powerful benefits of releasing old patterns and self-sabotage.

Step 1: Be sure to watch Karyn's free 2-part training series about the key elements to release negative patterns so you can create lasting happiness and success quickly and easily.

Training Session #1:
Elevate Your Emotions

  • Why Goal Setting Doesn't Work and What to Do Instead

  • The ONE Key Ingredient to Achieving Life & Career Success

  • How Long it Takes to Release Negative Emotions

  • Beneficial Differences between MER® vs. Other Therapies

Training Session #2:
Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

  • Where Limiting Beliefs Come From

  • Why Being Energetically Sensitive Enhances Your Abilities

  • How to Shift Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors in 15 Minutes

  • What Your Toughest Triggers Are Telling You

Step 2: Book your Free Consultation to explore if you are a good candidate for this Fast and Focused Breakthrough Experience. 

Roadmap for Results

Pre-Session Assessment (30 min)
* Complimentary




  • Big Picture Overview

  • Decide on One Are of Life for Your Breakthrough Session (Relationships, Career, Physical Health, Family, or Personal Development)

  • Set Intentions and Tangible Goals for Subsequent Sessions

  • Tasking Prior to Session 1 (TBD)

  • If you are a good fit for this work, and Karyn feels she can assist you, payment would be submitted at this time



  • Session 1 Overview

  • Detailed Personal History

  • Establishing the Greater Problem

  • Cause and Effect Relationships

  • Models

  • Values Elicitation

  • The Four Requisites for Change



  • Session 2 Overview

  • Timeline Elicitation

  • Eliminate Past Negative Emotions

  • Parts Integration

  • Additional Release Work as Appropriate

  • Greater Problem Check on Timeline

  • Values Re-elicitation to Align with Changed Energy

  • Ecology Check


  • Session 3 Overview

  • Future Pacing

  • Set Your Achievable SMART Goal(s)

  • Put Goal(s) in the Future

  • Custom Hypnotherapy to Install Positive Suggestions

  • Clarify Post-Session Tasks

  • Schedule Any Follow-Up Calls or Sessions

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