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Rapid Breakthrough


Join Karyn for two special video training sessions as we delve into how to transform negative emotions and limiting beliefs with the power of the unconscious mind.


Gain a new perspective on how to unlock your inner power and accelerate your success today! 

In These FREE TRAININGS, I'll Show You How to...

  • Avoid Common Mistakes

    I'll show you how to avoid common mistakes that even the most self-aware sensitives can make, so you can stop wasting your time and start making progress on your dreams in the way you've always envisioned.

  • Get Out of Survival Mode

    Get clear about the quality of your mindset and energy as they are today, and connect with what's possible for you moving forward. Your intuition and your mind are meant for more than just getting by. They are your greatest assets and gifts to the world.

    • Align Your Energy

      You'll learn the no-fluff practical methods I use to help my highly sensitive purpose-driven clients transform self-limiting patterns, align with their purpose, and hit their lifestyle goals.

    • Live Your Life By Design

      I'll share exactly how highly people from all walks of life are designing life on their own terms and attracting personal and professional success like clockwork.

    True Transformation Is All About MINDSET and ENERGY. 

    My Mission Is to Teach You How to Optimize YOURS.

    Masterclass #1
    Elevate Your Emotions

    • Why Goal Setting Doesn't Work and What to Do Instead

    • The ONE Key Ingredient to Achieving Life & Career Success

    • How Long it Takes to Release Negative Emotions

    • Beneficial Differences between MER® vs. Other Therapies

    Masterclass #2
    Shift Limiting Beliefs

    • Where Limiting Beliefs Come From

    • Why Being Energetically Sensitive Enhances Your Abilities

    • How to Shift Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors in 15 Minutes or Less

    • What Your Toughest Triggers Are Telling You

    Stop Negative Subconscious Patterns
    & Start Living Your Best Life Today!


    Hi, I'm Karyn Kulenovic

    As a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mental and Emotional Release® (MER), and Hypnotherapy, I facilitate release techniques that help my clients disengage from limiting beliefs & conditioned responses. This allows you to restructure the way you experience your history, your thoughts, and your emotions. At that point, you are able to take decisive action on an achievable goal that will put you on an inevitable path to success.


    This proven Breakthrough System has delivered BIG results in the form of new businesses, new relationships, healed relationships, new homes, improved health, higher pay, and much, much more...!

    Eliminate the isolation and guesswork as I reveal the ONE key ingredient that if you were to apply, would make ALL the difference in your ability to create the results you want in the very near future. Watch and enjoy a fresh perspective on true transformation!

    What REAL CLIENTS Have to Say About Karyn...


    Jennifer Buckley-Lizzardi

    Dental Hygienist

    “I started working with Karyn because I was tired of carrying extra weight and yo-yo dieting.


    The Breakthrough Intensive process not only shifted the way I thought and felt about myself and my actions, but it also changed my daily actions for the positive.


    Now I respect myself more and see a greater potential than ever before. I have adopted new permanent habits and set up boundaries that are helping me thrive.


    Eliminating the unwanted habits was a profound experience. I also really enjoyed the emotional release.


    Karyn is a true delight to work with. She works quickly and efficiently which I appreciate. She has a real professional talent for understanding exactly what individuals need and far exceeded my expectations!”


    Kovas Myvette

    Music Composer, Record Producer & Recording Artist

    "When you need a tune-up, you go to a mechanic. You'll go to get a medical check-up from your doctor, but most never think about the tune-up and check up for the spirit.


    Karyn guides you with care and compassion as you unlock the limiting beliefs and subconscious roadblocks holding you back to realize your full potential and live your best life.


    Not only has Karyn helped me to reach another level spiritually, but I've also seen her do the same for close friends. This is the cleansing you didn't even know you needed."


    Laura Young

    Fashion Blogger & Personal Stylist

    "I was feeling stuck, held back by limiting beliefs that felt hard to clear and pin down. I knew where I wanted to go, but I had trouble taking the action. There was something bigger underneath that I needed to address to move forward with my business. I wanted to remove that stalled feeling, the invisible wall that I kept hitting every time I wanted to take action on my business. I was ready to feel more confident in selling my services and talking about what I do on the video.


    I had big plans and I could see myself getting there, but taking the steps forward felt like wading through a field of mud to get to the other side. There was a lot of hidden feelings around not being good enough, but I would not have uncovered that on my own. There were so many layers to peel back and separate issues that together, showed that old pattern.


    Several things surprised me, most of which are related to how quickly the sessions worked! After the first session, I felt lighter, more joyful, more confident, less worried about what other people thought of me. Even before we completed our final session, I was receiving new opportunities and connections for my business. My energy had changed that quickly and the Universe was responding to that positive change."


    Steve Sconzert

    Professional Speaker & Coach

    "When I came to Karyn for coaching, I was feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. Not only did she help me to see it was the weight of my own baggage and limiting beliefs, Karyn guided me to let it go! Once the weight was off, her unique, intuitive style opened my eyes to new possibilities.


    Thanks to Karyn's guidance, I'm back in control and manifesting what I want in my career and life! Thank you, Karyn!"


    Nicole Hollar

    CPT, Fitness & Mindset Coach

    "I always say that coaches need coaches, too. Having worked in fitness and Mindset Transformation Coaching for more than 18 years, I know that Karyn is top-notch.


    Like Karyn, I am trained in NLP and chose her to do a Breakthrough Session because of her ability to flush out areas we can't see on our own. It doesn't matter where you are in your personal or professional career, we all have a few hidden obstacles that keep us from the next level at times - Karyn will help you uncover and overcome those obstacles.


    Allow yourself to release the invisible tethers holding you back, knowing whatever you want to achieve is possible. Thanks, Karyn."


    Andrea Spencer


    "I started working with Karyn at a very low point in my life. I had been struggling with debilitating panic and anxiety for over 3 years (so bad that I could not be alone or drive). Before meeting Karyn, I tried everything and nothing seemed to work to get me past it all.


    In doing the Breakthrough Intensive with Karyn I began to IMMEDIATELY see a change in me....after just the first appointment! I trusted Karyn wholeheartedly through the process that she knew what I needed, and I will be forever grateful to her. On the other side of my Breakthrough, I can honestly say that now I have ZERO Panic and ZERO Anxiety. I am currently getting off of the anti-anxiety medication, something I never thought would be possible given how hard my journey had been. I feel free and empowered now that I have broken past what was blocking me. Karyn is just so amazing!"

    Justine Batie

    Yoga Teacher & Nutritionist

    "Thank you for the work you did with me. I continue to notice improvements and changes for the better. One example is that the paralyzing self criticism which I actually felt as a sort of mental paralysis, is now something I am able to identify when it comes up and also detach from very quickly. There isn't the repetitive mental looping occupying my mind space and as a result, I am able to go about pursuing certain interests and ideas more freely.

    Here are some examples: 

    • transformed a family member's request, what in the past was a bid for my free assistance, into a coaching client. I am paid what I asked with no one flinching. 
    • taught two public in person classes with a new level of ease and self acceptance, and self compassion, allowing more space for me and less tightness and constraint. 
    • more clarity on business model and web design and more freed up mental space to progress in this area. 
    • tangible steps seeking employment, partnerships, referrals which has put me in relationship with more peers. 

    There is more but I just wanted you to know you have made a very big difference and also to thank you."







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