with Karyn Kulenovic


Begins with Mindset & Energy...




Learn the mindset shifts that will magnetize your next-level outcomes with ease, speed, and consistency.


The Mindset to Manifestation Course contains the same material I teach my clients, condensed into five key principles. Learn from the comfort of your own home and the convenience of your own schedule. 


Start using your mindset and energy today to MAGNETIZE your heart's desires quickly and easily!

Design Your Life Just the Way You Want It!


Who says you have to wait for the "right time" to get what you want out of life? 


You can start right now!

That's right.


Let this be the year you STOP wasting your time living the way you think you "should," and START designing your life the way you've ALWAYS WANTED it to be.


Attracting what you want in life is NOT about your age, how you grew up, where you live, or even your degree of sensitivity -- like we've all been led to believe.


As a highly sensitive empath, the fastest route to tangible changes in your life is with your own MINDSET and ENERGY. 


Sounds simple, perhaps even unrealistic.


In fact, nearly every client I've worked with struggled with this new concept at first. That's because trusting the unseen aspects of manifestation can feel unsafe, scary, or even artificial at times. 


You worry that you can't do it. 


You worry about attracting more of the same. 


You worry that you're asking for too much. 


The TRUTH is you are meant to manifest your dreams and desires!


As the late Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." 


It only seems like a stretch because you sense that there's a lot more going on underneath the surface.


The good news?


Designing your life is all about your ENERGY.


And you have THAT in spades!

MINDSET TO MANIFESTATION teaches you the EXACT steps to cultivate the internal shifts required to achieve the abundance, joy and fulfillment you're meant to have. THIS can be the year you see your dreams materialize!

True Transformation Starts with MINDSET & ENERGY.

My Mission is to Teach You How to Optimize YOURS.

In This 5-WEEK COURSE, I'll Show You How to...


  • Avoid Common Mistakes

    I'll show you how to avoid common mistakes that even the most self-aware sensitives can make, so you can stop wasting your energy and start making progress on your dreams in the way you've always envisioned.

  • Get Out of Survival Mode

    Get clear about the quality of your mindset and energy as they are today, and connect with what's possible for you moving forward. Intentionally using your thoughts, emotions, and intuition for more than just surviving or breaking even.

  • Align Your Energy

    You'll learn the no-fluff practical methods I use to help my clients transform self-limiting patterns, align with their desires, and receive (not chase away) their amazing results.

  • Live Your Life By Design

    I'll share exactly how heart-centered empaths are designing life on their own terms and attracting even MORE joy, wealth and fulfillment than ever before!

    Step-by-Step Guidance from Karyn


    Hi, I'm Karyn. 

    As a Credentialed Teacher and a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mental and Emotional Release®, and Hypnotherapy, I know the power of the mind in shaping one's results in life. I teach techniques that help my students disengage from abundance-blocking beliefs & conditioned responses. Learning to restructure the way you experience your history, your thoughts, and your emotions will boost your attraction patterns and put you on a sure path to success.


    My 5M Success System has delivered BIG results in the form of new businesses, new relationships, healed relationships, new homes, new cars, improved health, unexpected money, and much, much more...!

    Eliminate the guesswork as I reveal the EXACT five steps that would make ALL the difference in your ability to magnetize those new outcomes you've been dreaming of. Join me for a fresh take on true transformation!

    What You Get:



           ($997 Value)





      Perfect for highly motivated individuals who are ready to DO the work, but simply need a roadmap they can trust. Your own personal manifestation playbook is taught in a comprehensive 5-Step System. 




      Practice what you learn in step-by-step downloadable workbooks that lay out the concepts clearly, so you can apply them to your life and revisit them as needed. 




      Revisit the materials or play the content as many times as you want to. You have the freedom to go at the pace that's right for you. You will also receive all future additions and updates to the course.  


    Plus . . .



          ($995 Value)

         (FREE with your enrollment!)

    • BONUS #1

      Self-Worth Guided Meditation


      You’ll get instant access to this deeply healing meditation that will help you rise above the blocks that have prevented you from receiving your desires, and become available to all of the goodness that awaits you.


    • BONUS #2 

      Staying Focused Success Guide


      This guide gives you practical checkpoints to help you keep your energy and your eye on the prize before you see the tangible results. 


    • BONUS #3

      Full Length Ho'oponopono Guided Healing


      This full-length forgiveness process will guide you to release the negative emotions that may be associated with old connections to others. This guided healing helps to free up valuable space for you to experience higher levels of manifestation. 


    • BONUS #4

      Programming Your Future Guided Meditation


      Ready to enlist your unconscious mind in your manifestation process? You’ll get instant access to this powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming process I use with my signature Breakthrough Clients, which guides you to install a specific goal in your future, giving your unconscious mind a clear target to track.


    • BONUS #5

      Bonus Course Material


      Get additional step-by-step guidance and real-life examples as you listen to these bonus coaching recordings. 


    Roadmap for Results

    It's okay if you don't know where to begin, or haven't had much success with this in the past.


    Everything you need to know will be provided step-by-step over the course of this program. You can start changing your internal experience of events in your past that have led to unwanted behaviors, internal states, and subsequent similar experiences. You'll learn how to restructure negative emotions and limiting decisions to allow more space for what you desire to enter your life.  


    With your very own mind and energy, you can amplify your ability to create congruency in everything you do, so you can magnetize a reality that matches your dreams. Talk about powerful!

    Utilize your most valuable resources, your MIND and your ENERGY

    to magnetize your heart's desires from the inside out!


    Q: How does it work?

    Q: Is this a live program?

    Q: What can I expect from this course?

    Q: I'm very busy. What if I don't have time to do the course now?

    Q: What is the difference between your course and everything else out there?

    Q: What do I get again?

    Get the 5 Powerful Mindset Shifts that will Magnetize Your Desired Outcomes with Ease, Speed, and Consistency!


    ONLY $997

    -- or --

    No thanks, I don't need help manifesting my desires right now.

    What REAL CLIENTS Have to Say About Karyn...

    Claudia Grace

    Health Consultant at Regener8

    "Karyn inspired me to have the courage to align my passion in health & wellness with my career. It's been a lifelong dream to achieve. Karyn was instrumental in assisting me to finally stop allowing my underlying fear & self doubt to dictate my life.


    I was finally able to take action by posting videos on health, leadership and values to convey my mission and purpose to my network on Facebook and LinkedIn. With Karyn's guidance I developed the framework to propel me forward, and my experience has been nothing less than phenomenal!!! I am so grateful for Karyn's support and dedication in my journey of self discovery!"

    Laura Young

    Fashion Blogger & Style Consultant at The Fashionable Bookworm

    "I was feeling stuck and held back by limiting beliefs that felt hard to clear and pin down. I knew where I wanted to go, but I had trouble taking action. There was something bigger underneath that I needed to address to move forward with my business.


    I had big plans and I could see myself getting there, but taking the steps forward felt like wading through a field of mud to get to the other side. After completing her course, I manifested a segment on a local TV network that featured my services within one week! My energy had changed that quickly and the universe was responding to those positive changes in me."

    Pamela Joy

    Transformational Coach at Come Return to Eden

    "I had giftings that many around me did not understand and at times, neither did I. I was going through a very painful and confusing time in my life. I had a healthy spiritual life, yet the pain and suffering I was in was overwhelming. I found myself asking God for a person He could use with the love and sensitivity I needed to help me. You are so incredibly loving, intuitive, sensitive, and very clear. Your energy is both healing and unique.


    Karyn sets a healthy example of investing yourself in a healthy, balanced way so you can serve your clients. God has used Karyn mightily to walk with me through a difficult point in my life and business. Now I am on course, moving full speed ahead, and seeing clients again. I must add that I could not be moving forward with my business goals until the inner parts of me received the healing support to shift and breakthrough that which was keeping me stuck. Thank you so much for doing what you were created to do so well!!"

    Sally Boyd

    Activated Astrology

    "I just wanted to express how much your direction and coaching with regard to my astrology business, and particularly my first summit, helped me! I would definitely not be where I am at this point without your clarity and guidance! Your teachings gave me the courage to step into the fear and create wealth in my business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

    Steve Sconzert

    Professional Speaker & Coach

    "Not too long ago, I was feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. Not only did she help me to see it was the weight of my own baggage and limiting beliefs, Karyn guided me to let it go! Once the weight was off, her unique, intuitive style opened my eyes to new possibilities.


    Thanks to Karyn's guidance, I'm back in control and manifesting what I want in my career and life! Thank you, Karyn!"

    Nicole Hollar

    CPT, Fitness & Mindset Coach

    "I always say that coaches need coaches, too. Having worked in fitness and Mindset Transformation Coaching for more than 18 years, I know that Karyn is top-notch.


    Like Karyn, I am trained in NLP and chose her to do a Breakthrough Session because of her ability to flush out areas we can't see on our own. It doesn't matter where you are in your personal or professional career, we all have a few hidden obstacles that keep us from the next level at times - Karyn will help you uncover and overcome those obstacles.


    Allow yourself to release the invisible tethers holding you back, knowing whatever you want to achieve is possible. Thanks, Karyn."

    Debra James

    BSN, RN, Holistic Nurse & Educator

    "Karyn has the ability to reflect to me what I may be subconsciously missing. She has taught me to stop using excuses to mask my insecurities, trust my own intuition, and use it to guide my decisions.


    Karyn is far from being "woo-woo." Her teachings are co-creative, actionable and extremely sound. She is a true Gift and I am honored to have her guidance in my professional and personal life. Btw, this stuff works! I manifested $10K within three weeks of completing the Mindset to Manifestation Course!"

    Lisa Spivack

    LMFT, ATR, Psychotherapist & Art Therapy Educator

    "Karyn's system helped me to trust my own intuitive guidance and confidently shift my private practice to work with highly sensitive children. Within two months, I ended up receiving more clients than I could fit into my schedule!!


    I am now scaling my business to educate psychotherapists on how to incorporate art therapy into their practices."

    Kovas Myvette

    Music Composer, Record Producer & Recording Artist

    "When you need a tune-up, you go to a mechanic. You'll go to get a medical check-up from your doctor, but most never think about the tune-up and check-up for the spirit.


    Karyn guides you with care and compassion as you unlock the limiting beliefs and subconscious roadblocks holding you back to realize your full potential and live your best life.


    Not only has Karyn helped me to reach another level spiritually, but I've also seen her do the same for close friends. This is the cleansing you didn't even know you needed."

    To successfully shift into your natural abundance, it is critical to prepare a strong foundation, which is why I'm providing you with the very same tools that I use with my students. These classes, workbooks, and bonus resources will allow you to embody and attract what you want quickly and easily. Getting what you desire in life is not meant to be hard...


    My intention is for you to understand how urgent, essential and even beautiful manifesting your desires can be. When you embrace your unlimited ability to design your life from the inside out--just the way you want it--you turn the hard stuff into meaningful and productive outcomes for yourself, and all who are connected with you.

    It all starts with you.


    So... Are you ready to do this?


    I'm looking forward to supporting you on the way to your next levels!




    Only $997

    -- Or --

    No thanks, I don't need help manifesting my desires right now.

    As a "highly sensitive person" and a "perfectionist"... you think and feel A LOT.


    You're REALLLLLLY excited to start on a new path but deep down, you have this voice inside of you saying, "I'm not good enough..." or "maybe it's not possible for me..."


    You've been hearing this voice, haven't you?


    I had it too...for many years.


    Unfortunately, the voice you are hearing is right.

    You will fail... until you choose to use your mindset and energy to your advantage. 


    The person you currently are needs help with this. You don't know exactly how to break through those old beliefs and behaviors. Your subconscious mind is powerful. In fact, it controls at least 95% of everything you do.


    One of your mind's main jobs is to keep you SAFE. But safety is NOT the energy from which amazing manifestations are born.


    Right now, where you are - creating the result you want in your life is NOT possible, or you would have done it already. Right now, you're at "Point A."

    In order to succeed, you're going to have to become the version of you that no longer operates from the low-energy patterns of people pleasing, poor boundaries and perfectionism. The person who knows she is worthy of all the things and experiences she dreams of. That person thinks, feels and acts much differently than the person you are today.


    The powerfully manifesting version of you is at "Point B." As your teacher, it is my job to teach you how to move from Point A to Point B.


    I'm going to help you discover what it takes for you to EXPAND into that person who manifests more than she's ever imagined--again and again!


    The feelings and limiting beliefs you have right now are real and accurate... because that's how powerful you are. 


    The good news? 


    It's possible to have everything you desire without doing everything. Manifesting through your mindset and energy makes it easy. 


    Let me help you discover the key mindset shifts that will help you create the results you want in the least number of steps. 

    True Transformation is Just a Click Away . . . 

    -- Or --

    No thanks, I don't need help manifesting my desires right now.



    Karyn helps highly sensitive and intuitive people break free of self-limiting patterns and start living by design, rather than by default. Unlike other coaches and therapies that just focus on taking action or rehashing the past, Karyn uses proven processes that help her clients identify and release mental and emotional blocks at their source, so they never have to restart their journey again.


    As a credentialed teacher and Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Mental & Emotional Release® (MER), and Hypnotherapy, Karyn uses a combination of Education, Coaching, and Integrative Psychology to help her clients accelerate their path to unlimited success and fulfillment.




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