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[LBD Video #76] What Successful People Know...

June 20, 2021  |  By Karyn Kulenovic

Successful people do things differently.


They are NOT more intelligent, more talented or luckier than you. It may seem like Life is more kind to successful people, but the truth is...


Everyone has potential to achieve great levels of success

and joy in this life no matter where they are coming from.


The secret that successful people know is that they are the cause of their outcomes and experiences. As a result, they take a proactive, intentional approach to life (instead of passively waiting for Life to happen to them.)


Watch Life By Design Video #76 for a two-step process that will lead you toward the success and abundance you deserve and desire.

Remember, you are not the result of your circumstances. When you realize that you are the cause of your life experience and outcomes, that puts the power back in your hands, right where it belongs.


To your success,


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