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[LBD Video #75] How to Uncover Subconscious Blocks

June 6, 2021  |  By Karyn Kulenovic

Do you ever wonder where your limiting beliefs come from?


As a highly sensitive and intuitive person, you are
probably used to some degree of self reflection.
But sometimes it can be a struggle to pinpoint your own blocks.

The tricky thing about subconscious beliefs is
they fly under the radar just beneath your conscious awareness,

lingering deep in the recesses of your unconscious mind

where they originated so long ago.


Limiting beliefs come from things you picked up in your past --

They are the things you saw, heard, experienced and accepted as truth,

as you strived to make meaning out of life's complexities or injustices.


Limiting beliefs are not clear-cut statements that you can consciously recite to others.

On the contrary, most people are only in touch with the expression of the deeper limiting belief through their surface beliefs of which they are painfully aware.


Many of the people I have worked with are only able to identify their surface limiting beliefs, but feel stuck when trying to pinpoint the root cause from which all of their current struggles originate.


That's where their frustration feels unbearable.

And that's when they reach out to me for help.


The irony is... as covert as unconscious beliefs can be, they are actually reflected in everything you do (or don't do). They are hidden in plain sight. And because your unconscious thoughts and beliefs are quite automatic, there's an inevitable disconnect when well-intentioned, highly motivated individuals set out to find them.


Watch Life By Design Video #75 for some new points to consider when delving within to uncover your subconscious blocks.

Undetected limiting beliefs inhibit your availability to be, have or do what you desire in life. And that is a very difficult place on which to build your dreams.


You have ALL the answers within.

When you make time to uncover some of the deeply rooted patterns in your past, you're that much closer to making your dreams come true.


And remember, positive changes can happen quickly and easily!




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