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[LBD Video #73] Necessity vs. Possibility: Why Your Desires Matter

May 9, 2021  |  By Karyn Kulenovic

It is safe to let your desires guide you...


Your desires are not selfish.

They are not wrong.

The very fact that you desire them

is what gives them life and value.


They don't have to be sensible.

They don't need to be understood by others.


Watch Life By Design Video #73 for a refreshing mindset shift around feeling good about manifesting what you want!

So, check in for a moment...

  • Have you been living from Necessity or Possibility?
  • Are you available for your desires to enter your life?
  • If not, what part of you has been resisting your desires?

You are meant for more!


Try on the possibility that it's safe to let your desires guide you, and see where that takes you.




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