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[LBD Video #70] When It's Just NOT Working!

April 11, 2021  |  By Karyn Kulenovic

What should you do when things just are NOT working?

When you're feeling discouraged and just "done."


The short answer is to STOP telling the story that it's not working!


In order for you to get the outcome you want,

you must rewrite the narrative and believe it's possible for you--

especially when things appear to be going wrong...


Watch Life By Design Video #70 to learn 2 simple ways to shift your mindset and hold on long enough so things actually DO work out the way you want (or even better than you imagined!)

As you change your mind, you change your emotions,

and THAT'S how you change your life from the inside out.


The main difference between people who manifest what they want, versus those who continue to struggle are:

  1. They know that by changing their mind, they align themselves with their desired outcome.
  2. They know that shifting their beliefs is a skill that must be practiced.

Mindset shifting is something that successful people do repeatedly.

Where your mind goes, your reality inevitably follows.

When you change your internal narrative, you WILL start to see changes reflected in your life!


The Universe will always deliver what you belief is available to you.

So keep your expectations HIGH!


Take some time to recalibrate where your mindset has been, and get back in the game with the positive, expansive, energy that will take you in new directions.


Now say it with me: Everything around me is working to support me.




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