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[LBD Video #67] Logic is Overrated!

March 7, 2021  |  By Karyn Kulenovic

There's nothing more frustrating than knowing EXACTLY

what you want and being REALLLLLY excited to have it...


But then deep down, hearing that voice inside saying

some version of, "You're not enough."


We all have a version of this voice anytime

we want to reach a higher level in life.


Most of the time it's because our logical minds want to SEE the evidence

before actually BELIEVING it's even possible!


Watch Life By Design Video #67 for a helpful reminder that your desired outcomes do NOT depend on your logical mind.

Your thoughts are SO powerful.

They are the seeds that create your life experiences.

The Universe always provides what you are looking for...


So, instead of focusing on the external world of what you can see,

choose to see life through the internal lens of positive possibility.

Your outer experience will soon reflect that change!


I believe in you!




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