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[LBD Video #63] How Your Energy Affects the SPEED of Manifestation

February 7, 2021  |  By Karyn Kulenovic

As an Empath, one of the most powerful ways

to change your life is by using your own ENERGY.


Sounds simple, and yet, nearly every client I've worked with has once struggled in this area.


Trusting the unseen aspects of manifestation

can feel unsafe, scary, or even artifical at times.


You worry that you can't do it.

You worry about attracting more of the same.

You worry that you're not doing enough.


This type of energy actually works against you and slows down the whole manifestation process.


Watch Life By Design Video #63 to learn how your own ENERGY affects the SPEED of your desired outcomes.

Keep shining your energetic "green light" to the Universe, so all of the abundance and happiness that's available to you can find its way into your life.


Wishing you a blessed week!




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