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[LBD Video #61] Saying NO to Negative Self-Talk

January 24, 2021  |  By Karyn Kulenovic

Today I want to remind you of something:

If you didn't possess such light, the forces of darkness would leave you alone.


This may sound dramatic to speak about light and dark in this way,

but what I know to be true from my own experience is that

darkness can come in the FORM of negative self-talk.


And most of the negative stories we tell in our minds started in our most vulnerable moments -- moments that we never want to experience again.


When you have a big destiny to fulfill there are adversaries that have come in many forms starting in your younger years. From spiritual interference, to people that doubted you or hurt you. It's important to know that much of your negative self-talk has developed in response to past influences.


This kind of darkness may seem like it's entirely YOURS because it occurs inside your thoughts. But in the big picture, these negative thoughts are NOT meant to follow you throughout your life!


Watch Life By Design Video #61 for tips to say NO to negative self-talk and say YES to your greatness.

You are meant for greatness!


Be FIRM with that negative voice inside and don't allow it to derail your dreams.

You are so much MORE than that!


Wishing you a blessed week!




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