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[LBD Video #59] Manifestation Mistakes to Avoid Pt. 2

January 10, 2021  |  By Karyn Kulenovic

Happy 2021 to you!


As you gaze into the future of this year, what do you see?


We've all heard the popular saying "Seeing is believing,"

and I want to share a simple manifesting secret with you today:


It's actually the other way around!


In the limitless world of manifestation, you must BELIEVE (first!) in order to SEE the results you want. And yes, it must happen in that order.


Most people look around for evidence in their everyday lives to verify that their desired outcome is going to happen, then sadly give up when nothing seems to show up. Looking to the external world for the answers does not work.


Watch Life By Design Video #59 to uncover two uncommon manifestation mistakes to avoid.

Manifestation is always happening, and it all starts with your BELIEFS about yourself, about others, about your energy, about life, etc. Your beliefs are internal and they are YOURS.


Therefore, you have the ability to harness your mindset. For some, it means simply BELIEVING before seeing, for others it means CHANGING their beliefs altogether. Only then do your desires start to unfold before your eyes.


Right now, at the beginning of a new year is a great time to crystallize your vision for your future and harness your energy to manifest it.


Want to start using your energy to manifest what you want and avoid common mistakes?


Let's start the year off together!


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Wishing you a blessed week!




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