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[LBD Video #78] The Heroine Behind the Smile

July 18, 2021  |  By Karyn Kulenovic

I often find myself in awe of the strength and beauty of the people I get to work with each day.


Everything they've been through...


You can't tell by looking at them that they've survived unspeakable

abuse, trauma, loss, pain, and betrayal. (Sometimes their scars can be traced

back to waaaaay before this lifetime such as in past lives or previous family generations.)

But most of the time, it's what they've endured in this lifetime.


Their wounds and scars are not visible on the surface--

Instead all you see are successful, beautiful, capable individuals -- full of light.

They are the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends

we know and love.


But many of them struggle inside. Many have become so used to pushing forward in life that they never fully healed, processed, and integrated ALL that they're been through.


As a result, such a woman unknowingly continues to carry much of her unhealed past into her future. Unless you are healed from within you are not able to experience your life with the same love and acceptance as those around you do.


Watch Life By Design Video #78 for a simple reminder that you are so much MORE than your past.

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