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  • Avoid Common Mistakes

    I'll show you how to avoid common mistakes that even the most self-aware sensitives can make, so you can stop wasting your time and start making progress on your dreams in the way you've always envisioned.

  • Get Out of Survival Mode

    Get clear about the quality of your mindset and energy as they are today, and connect with what's possible for you moving forward. Your intuition and your mind are meant for more than just getting by. They are your greatest assets and gifts to the world.

    • Align Your Energy

      You'll learn the no-fluff practical methods I use to help my highly sensitive purpose-driven clients transform self-limiting patterns, align with their purpose, and hit their lifestyle goals.

    • Live Your Life By Design

      I'll share exactly how highly people from all walks of life are designing life on their own terms and attracting personal and professional success like clockwork.

    True Transformation Is All About MINDSET and ENERGY. 

    My Mission Is to Teach You How to Optimize YOURS.

    Masterclass #1
    Elevate Your Emotions

    • Why Goal Setting Doesn't Work and What to Do Instead

    • The ONE Key Ingredient to Achieving Life & Career Success

    • How Long it Takes to Release Negative Emotions

    • Beneficial Differences between MER® vs. Other Therapies

    Masterclass #2
    Shift Limiting Beliefs

    • Where Limiting Beliefs Come From

    • Why Being Energetically Sensitive Enhances Your Abilities

    • How to Shift Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors in 15 Minutes or Less

    • What Your Toughest Triggers Are Telling You

    Stop Negative Subconscious Patterns
    & Start Living Your Best Life Today!


    Hi, I'm Karyn Kulenovic

    As a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mental and Emotional Release® (MER), and Hypnotherapy, I facilitate release techniques that help my clients disengage from limiting beliefs & conditioned responses. This allows you to restructure the way you experience your history, your thoughts, and your emotions. At that point, you are able to take decisive action on an achievable goal that will put you on an inevitable path to success.


    This proven Breakthrough System has delivered BIG results in the form of new businesses, new relationships, healed relationships, new homes, improved health, higher pay, and much, much more...!

    Eliminate the isolation and guesswork as I reveal the ONE key ingredient that if you were to apply, would make ALL the difference in your ability to create the results you want in the very near future. Watch and enjoy a fresh perspective on true transformation!

    Jennifer Buckley-Lizzardi

    Dental Hygienist

    Kovas Myvette

    Music Composer, Record Producer & Recording Artist

    Laura Young

    Fashion Blogger & Personal Stylist

    Steve Sconzert

    Professional Speaker & Coach

    Nicole Hollar

    CPT, Fitness & Mindset Coach

    Justine Batie

    Yoga Teacher & Nutritionist

    Andrea Spencer








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