1. The EXACT "Do-With" process of letting go of mental and emotional baggage in the form of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and conflicting patterns. This vital first step will help you approach your life with fresh eyes and new energy, so you can design your life from an empowered place.


2. AND the "How to" of determining a specific tangible goal that is congruent with your new perspective, so you can align your actions and energy to create your desired outcomes. Anyone can complete this in-depth process and start enjoying the powerful benefits of releasing old patterns and self-sabotage.

Step 1: Book a Free Consultation to explore if you are a good candidate for this fast and focused transformational experience.

Step 2: Read the information below for details about what the Breakthrough Intensive can do for you.

Roadmap for Results

The Breakthrough Intensive

Content & Schedule

Pre-Session Assessment (30 min)
* Complimentary




  • Big Picture Overview

  • Decide on One Area of Life for Your Breakthrough Session (Relationships, Career, Physical Health, Family, or Personal Development)

  • Set Intentions and Tangible Goals for Subsequent Sessions

  • Tasking Prior to Session 1 (TBD)

  • If you are a good fit for this work, and Karyn feels she can assist you, payment would be submitted at this time

Session 1 (3 hours)

  • Session 1 Overview

  • Detailed Personal History

  • Establishing the Greater Problem

  • Cause and Effect Relationships

  • Models

  • Values Elicitation

  • The Four Requisites for Change

  • Session 2 Overview

  • Timeline Elicitation

  • Eliminate Past Negative Emotions

  • Parts Integration

  • Additional Release Work as Appropriate

  • Greater Problem Check on Timeline

  • Values Re-elicitation to Align with Changed Energy

  • Ecology Check


  • Session 3 Overview

  • Future Pacing

  • Set Your Achievable SMART Goal(s)

  • Program Goal(s) into the Future Timeline

  • Custom Hypnotherapy to Install Positive Suggestions

  • Clarify Post-Session Tasks

  • Schedule Any Follow-Up Calls or Sessions

What REAL CLIENTS Have to Say About Karyn...

Jennifer Buckley-Lizzardi

Dental Hygienist

Steve Sconzert

Professional Speaker & Coach

"When I came to Karyn for coaching, I was feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. Not only did she help me to see it was the weight of my own baggage and limiting beliefs, Karyn guided me to let it go! Once the weight was off, her unique, intuitive style opened my eyes to new possibilities.


Thanks to Karyn's guidance, I'm back in control and manifesting what I want in my career and life! Thank you, Karyn!"

Nicole Hollar

CPT, Fitness & Mindset Coach

"I always say that coaches need coaches, too. Having worked in fitness and Mindset Transformation Coaching for more than 18 years, I know that Karyn is top-notch.


Like Karyn, I am trained in NLP and chose her to do a Breakthrough Session because of her ability to flush out areas we can't see on our own. It doesn't matter where you are in your personal or professional career, we all have a few hidden obstacles that keep us from the next level at times - Karyn will help you uncover and overcome those obstacles.


Allow yourself to release the invisible tethers holding you back, knowing whatever you want to achieve is possible. Thanks, Karyn."

Laura Young

Fashion Blogger & Personal Stylist

Debra James

BSN, RN, Holistic Nurse
& Educator

Lisa Spivack

LMFT, ATR, Psychotherapist & Art Therapy Educator

"Karyn's system helped me to trust my own intuitive guidance and confidently shift my private practice to work with highly sensitive children. Within two months, I ended up receiving more clients than I could fit into my schedule!!


I am now scaling my business to educate psychotherapists on how to incorporate art therapy into their practices."






Kovas Myvette

Music Composer, Record Producer & Recording Artist

"When you need a tune-up, you go to a mechanic. You'll go to get a medical check-up from your doctor, but most never think about the tune-up and check up for the spirit.


Karyn guides you with care and compassion as you unlock the limiting beliefs and subconscious roadblocks holding you back to realize your full potential and live your best life.


Not only has Karyn helped me to reach another level spiritually, but I've also seen her do the same for close friends. This is the cleansing you didn't even know you needed."

Andrea Spencer

"I started working with Karyn at a very low point in my life. I had been struggling with debilitating panic and anxiety for over 3 years (so bad that I could not be alone or drive). Before meeting Karyn, I tried everything and nothing seemed to work to get me past it all. 


In doing the Breakthrough Intensive with Karyn I began to IMMEDIATELY see a change in me....after just the first appointment! I trusted Karyn wholeheartedly through the process that she knew what I needed, and I will be forever grateful to her. On the other side of my Breakthrough, I can honestly say that now I have ZERO Panic and ZERO Anxiety. I am currently getting off of the anti-anxiety medication, something I never thought would be possible given how hard my journey had been. I feel free and empowered now that I have broken past what was blocking me. Karyn is just so amazing!"

You Are Meant for MORE... and You Know It!

There's nothing more frustrating than knowing EXACTLY what you want to do and being REALLLLLLY excited to do it... 


But then deep down, hearing that old voice inside of you saying, "You're not enough..."


You've been hearing this voice, haven't you?


I had it too. In fact, we all have a version of this voice anytime we're ready to reach a higher level in life. 


And... here's the truth. 


Despite the LIES that voice tries to convince you to believe; unfortunately, the voice you are hearing is right. That's why you've been stuck.


To be clear, your happiness does NOT depend on your circumstances, the family you grew up in, your spouse, your age, your sensitivity, etc., etc.


In order to move forward with confidence, there is deep healing and transformation that needs to take place at the unconscious level, so you can rise above any external influence and build your future on a solid foundation within


Why do many good-hearted, intelligent people fail?


It's because there is no fooling your unconscious mind. Perhaps you've already discovered this.


Right now, where you are - creating the result you want in your life is NOT possible, or you would have done it already.

Part of the reason why is because you either believe it's not possible for you, or even deeper than that...

a part of you thinks it's wrong for you to have what you want. 


Your thoughts and feelings are SO powerful. Not to mention they are the seeds that create your life experiences. 


In order to get your desired outcomes, you need to become that person who is no longer seeing life though the darkened lenses of your limiting beliefs and negative emotions. That new perspective is much different from the one you see and experience today. 


As your facilitator, it is my job to help you move from Point A to Point B.


I'm here to guide you to BE that person who knows they are MEANT to Have Everything Their Heart Desires!


The feelings and limiting beliefs you have right now are real and accurate for you...


The good news is that it's possible to heal and grow and become the person you were meant to be - living up to your fullest potential!


And I'm here to help you find the best version of you.


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